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Tamed...for the screen, New York 1948

August-December 2013

Tamed takes the viewer through the steps it takes to design, create, and alter costumes made for a period film. The exhibition presents a hypothetical situation in which the costume designer has been tasked to create costumes for a film adaptation of the play Taming of the Shrew, now set in New York in 1948. By showcasing four characters’ costumes during pivotal scenes, we are able to witness character development, as well as class distinction and the social trends of the time. Thorough research and interviews assisted the design process, allowing the story to come to life through the fabric. In assembling a collection of costumes, which were purchased, altered, and designed we can see the wide range of methods a costume designer employs to achieve the desired results.

Graphic Design: Maria Jose de la Riva
Photography: Ari Colliard 

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